Discipline of Virology


Project Title: Occult Hepatitis B Virus infection in haemodialysis units-Durban, South Africa

Researcher: Dr NB Msomi

Co-Researchers: Ndlovu K (UKZN/DoH), Mlisana K (UKZN/NHLS);

Collaborators: Ijaz S (Public Health England), Giandhari J (KRISP-UKZN);

Project Title: Hepatitis B virus incidence in patients seeking HIV care- CAPRISA Antiretroviral Treatment Program cohort

Principal Investigator: Dr NB Msomi

Co-Researchers: Naidoo K (CAPRISA), Yende-Zuma N (CAPRISA); Mlisana K (UKZN/NHLS)

Project Title: Aptamer-functionalized carbosilane dendrimers to reactivate HIV-1 latency

Principal Investigator: Dr R Parboosing

Collaborator: Aptus Biotech (Spain)

Project Title: Highly Active siRNAs for the treatment of HIV infection

Principal Investigator: Dr R Parboosing

Project Title: Eradication of HIV-1 from latent cellular reservoirs: An in vitro proof of concept study

Principal Investigator: Dr R Parboosing

Project Title: Hepatitis B Virus variants in HBV mono-infected and HIV/HBV co-infected patients in a high dual infection setting

Principal Investigator: Dr N Msomi

Co-Researchers: Moodley P, Parboosing R, Mlisana K (UKZN/NHLS)

Collaborators: Ijaz S (Public Health England), de Oliviera T, Giandhari J (KRISP)

Project Title: The role of evolving molecular technologies and compartmentalization in the clinical diagnosis of cytomegalovirus end organ disease in immunocompromised patients

Principal Investigators: Govender K (UKZN)

Co-Researchers: Parboosing R (UKZN)

Project Title: Cytomegalovirus pneumonitis in infants in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and compartmentalization in the lung

Principal Investigators: Govender K (UKZN)

Co-Researchers: Parboosing R (UKZN) Moodley P (UKZN) Gordon M (UKZN)

Collaborators: Suarez N (U Glasgow)

Project Title: Impact of Shifts to Birth Testing on Early Infant Diagnosis Program Outcomes in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Principal Investigators: Smith, S (Columbia University)

Co-Researchers: Govender, K (UKZN) Moodley, P (UKZN) La Russa, P (Columbia University); Kuhn, L. (Columbia University) Archary M (UKZN)

Project Title: Targeted delivery of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors using nanoparticles

Principal Investigator: L Singh – PhD project

Collaborator: Prof. T Govender (Catalysis and Peptide Research Unit, UKZN)

Project Title: Impact of primary human immunodeficiency virus drug resistant mutations on antiretroviral therapy

Principal Investigator: B Chimukangrar – PhD project

Collaborators: Dr P Moodley and Dr R Samuel (Virology), Dr K Naidoo (CAPRISA), Prof. T de Oliveria (Africa Centre)

Project Title: Anaemia and pure cell aplasia secondary to Parvovirus in HIV-infected and un-infected patients

Researcher: Dr K-L A Francois – Virology MMed

Project Title: Prevalence and seasonality of common viral respiratory pathogens, including Cytomegalovirus in children, between 0–5 years of age in KwaZulu-Natal, an HIV endemic province in South Africa

Researcher: Dr T Famoroti – Virology MMed

Project Title: A Simple Laboratory Based Method Of Amplifying HIV Target Sequences Without Nucleic Acid Extraction In Patient Residual Blood Plasma Specimens

Supervisor: Dr Kerusha Govender

Project Title: Targeted delivery of siRNA into T-Lymphocytes using PEI-AuNP-Antibody complexes

Supervisor: Dr Raveen Parboosing

Project Title: Evaluation and comparison of hepatitis B Virus PCR with DNA extraction against Conventional PCR with no DNA extraction

Supervisor: Dr Nokukhanyi Msomi

Project Title: Target delivery of RNA Therapeutics by novel AntiCD32A-aptamer conjugates

Researcher: William Serumula PhD project

Supervisor: Dr Raveen Parboosing

Project Title: Effective delivery of siRNAs using carbosilane dendrimers in an acutely infected cell line

Researcher: Cassandra Soobramoney PhD Project

Supervisor: Dr Raveen Parboosing

Project Title: Good practice for Work Integrated Learning in Public Sector Medical Laboratories: Educational competencies of Training Supervisors

Researcher: Melini Baruth

Supervisor: Dr P Moodley

Project Title: Specimen rejection trends as a pre-analytical quality indicator at an Academic Virology Laboratory in KwaZulu – Natal

Researcher: Neshni Ramjugath

Supervisor: Dr P Moodley

Under Publications:  remove the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and remove current projects.



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