Dr Johannes Viljoen

Dr Johannes Viljoen


Dr Johannes Viljoen



 +27 (0)31 260 4013




Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine 


Honorary Lecturer 

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MBChB (UKZN), FC Path (SA) Clinical Virology (CMSA)

Current area of research  Immunological and Virological determinants of HIV-1 transmission from mother-to-child via breastfeeding
Research Interest  HIV-1 RNA and DNA quantification in breast milk and its association with postnatal transmission of HIV-1 from mother-to-child via breastfeeding.  Cloning and sequencing of HIV-1 in breast milk; tracing the origin of HIV transmitted from mother-to-child. Quantification of soluble factors and proteomics profile in breast milk and transmission of HIV-1. Analysis of co-viral infections in breast milk. Use of dried blood spots for the serological evaluation of a variety of viral infections, HIV-1 resistance genotyping and viral load quantification. Treatment as prevention (TasP). 

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