Dr Lenine Liebenberg

Dr Lenine Liebenberg


Dr Lenine Liebenberg, PhD 


+27 (0)31 2604762 




Medical School  

Research Interests

Medical Virology, Mucosal Immunology  


Senior Honourary Lecturer 


Dr. Lenine Liebenberg, Ph.D. is a Research Associate at the CAPRISA Mucosal Immunology Laboratory. Dr Liebenberg’s combined academic training in medical virology, microbiology, genetics, immunology, and molecular and cellular biology contribute to her research in understanding immune responses at the human genital mucosa. She has documented methods to improve genital cell isolation from men and women, methods to facilitate genital cellular immune responses in multicentre studies, and has characterised genital and systemic immune parameters facilitating HIV infection, viral shedding and HIV transmission. Her current interests centre on investigating cytokine and cellular biomarkers of genital immune activation and inflammation, their various causes and the consequences to the risk of HIV acquisition and transmission.  

 List of Publications 1. Rametse CL, Olivier AJ, Masson L, Barnabas S, McKinnon LR, Ngcapu S, Liebenberg LJ, Jaumdally SZ, Gray CM, Jaspan HB, et al. Role of semen in altering the balance between inflammation and tolerance in the female genital tract: Does it contribute to HIV risk? Viral Immunology 2014; 27(5): 200-206.

2. Olivier AJ, Liebenberg LJ, Coetzee D, Williamson AL, Passmore JA, Burgers WA.. Isolation and characterization of T cells from semen. J Immunol Methods 2012; 375: 223-31.

3. Roberts L, Liebenberg L, Barnabas S, Passmore JA. Vaginal microbicides to prevent human immunodeficiency virus infection in women: Perspectives on the female genital tract, sexual maturity and mucosal inflammation. Best Pract Res Clin Obstet Gynaecol. 2012; 26: 441-9.

4. Liebenberg LJ, Gamieldien H, Mkhize NN, Jaumdally SZ, Gumbi PP, Denny L, Passmore JS. Stability and transport of cervical cytobrushes-derived mononuclear cells from the female genital tract. J. Immunol. Methods 2011; 367: 47-55.

5. Liebenberg LJ, Adedeji AL, Martin DP, Gumbi PP, Denny L, Passmore JS. 2010. CD57 expression by T cells in the female genital tract of HIV-1 infected women. Clinical Immunology. 135:137-45.